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Mr. Parrish's BLOGS

Election 2016

I will post information regarding the candidates up until election night and beyond. This blog is bipartisan and objective.

Not Another History Story

I will use this blog to keep track of stories of interest. We will try to discuss as many as possible during class. However, due to time constraints, I may simply direct you to this blog for reference.

My Favorite People and Why 

I will use this blog to keep track of people of interest. We will try to discuss as many as possible during class. However, due to time constraints, I may simply direct you to this blog for reference.

My Favorite Book List

I will use this blog to keep track of books of interest. We will try to discuss as many as possible during class. However, due to time constraints, I may simply direct you to this blog for reference.

Political Discussion at MCHS

These topics are challenging, but fun. Click on a photo to read the post. 

Problem Topics in US History

I will use this blog to clarify topics that my students of US History often find difficult. I will continue to add topics to this blog. Students, please let me know if there is a topic that you want added to this blog, for clarity purposes.

My Eco Blog

A few of my articles on environmental protection issues.



Eighteen Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

(From Smithsonian Magazine)

Fordlandia, Brazil

NY Times. Built by Henry Ford. An amazing story!

The Alamo Virtual Tour

Walk through the Alamo using your mouse and keyboard.

The Federalist Papers online (all of them).

North Carolina History site. Great site. Lots of possible paper ideas and video project ideas.

History of North Carolina (NCPedia)

Explore your state.

The Erie Canal

An amazing site, filled with information, photos, and maps.

Anne Frank

I remember my teachers telling me the story of Anne Frank's Diary. But, it somehow seemed just that . . . only a story. Then, I discovered "the Chestnut Tree" outside her attic window . . . history is real! Click here for the virtual display. Click here to see the chestnut tree being filmed in the wind. Click here to see a live web cam of the chestnut tree, from the window in the secret attic, from where Anne watched the tree.

100 Awesome Blogs for History Junkies

An amazing site! These blogs are certainly great for pointing you in a particular direction. However, be sure to check out the sources if you use them for research purposes.

The Carroll A Deering

Better than a video game. And, this is "real." Click on the "BEGIN HERE" button at the lower left to explore the North Carolina mystery of the Carrol A Deering. January 31, 1921, 6:30 AM: "Surfman C.P. Brady of the Cape Hatteras Coast Guard Station scans the horizon in the first light of day with his spyglass. As daylight increases he is shocked to spot a five-mast schooner with all sails set riding a sandbar on Diamond Shoals. The sea was rough and the tide was strong. He put out a call for help... "

EyeWitness to History

A great site! The best history sources are primary sources. Click on a specific time period in the top center of this page. It is incredible what you can learn from primary sources!

The Trial of General Homma

One of my personal connections to WWII. From,

This Day in History

From the History Channel.

Today in History

From the Library of Congress.

Durham, North Carolina

Welcome to Durham, North Carolina. We will explore parts of this city during the school year.

Jamestown Settlement / Yorktown Victory Center

A great site to explore.

Enter this site, then type in your secret pass code to get in: Y12. Before WWII, this place did not exist. Be sure to visit "Oak Ridge Story" link, "Role of TVA" link, and the "home" link. A fun page to explore.

Ford's Theater Virtual Tour

CLICK HERE to take a virtual tour of Ford's Theater, place of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Use your mouse to move around the theater; you can also see the stage and presidential box. Click on the blue X to read information about the exact spot. CLICK HERE for information on Ford's Theater, including its 2009-2010 production season.

The Titanic

This is a complicated site; it seems to get more complicated each year. I have linked its sitemap. The passenger lists are very interesting. But, be sure to click on the tab "Multimedia" to take a virtual tour of the interior and deck of the Titanic, in 3D animation. Use your mouse and arrow buttons to walk around the ship. Truly amazing! You can even look up at the stars from the deck of the ship.

Virtual Tour of Kennedy Farm House

All of the navigation links on this site are in reference to the Kennedy Farm house, where John Brown and his men planned the famous attack on Harper's Ferry. I have linked the virtual tour page. I like the virtual tour because it's not animation; it's the real thing. Use your arrow keys to move through the house. You will need to download Quicktime to see this.

Virtual Tour of the Pyramid of Khufu (NOT animated)

Another great tour. Walk around inside of the great pyramids. Click the small map to navigate through this structure. Use your arrow keys as you move through the pyramid.

Virtual Tour of the Pyramid of Giza (3d animation)

This one is an animated 3d virtual tour. Very impressive! Can you find your way into the pyramid? Helpful hints: a) read the captions at the bottom if you get stuck; b) use your arrow keys as you move through the pyramid; c) remember that you can also go up the sides of the pyramid; d) The main door to get in is not far up; e) you can see the main door in "study mode." Look closely. The inside is the best part. Don't give up. f) as you are in "study mode," hit the control "ctrl" button to see X-ray vision of the interior. This will help in navigation. You will need to download Adobe Shockwave to see this.

History Detective

A great show! Monday nights at 9:00 PM, Public Television. Be a historian! While watching this show, you can begin to place intricate pieces of historical fact into the framework of understanding that we build during our US History class.

Doc South at UNC

We will use this site during class. And, it will be discussed while on our field trip. My own extensive collection of personal documents are scheduled to be donated to this collection at some point in the future.

Virtual Tour of John Wilkes Booth escape route

When you place your cursor over the picture, a NEXT button will appear. You can move on to the next photo. Read the captions below.

John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry

CLICK HERE to watch a short four minute video about John Brown's raid. (source:

Digital History

An amazing site! Students, you may use this site in the creation of your student video projects. Site is created by the University of Houston.

The Papers of George Washington (Digital Edition)

An amazing site. At this link, you can find great detail regarding things we have discussed in our survey of United States history class.

Underground Russian Submarine Base

This base extended deep into a mountain. It is a part of Cold War hostilities between the superpowers. See entry on Not Another History blog regarding this base.

History Matters (George Mason University)

Over 1000 primary documents, images, and audio interviews.

Nearly every map of North Carolina published from 1584 to 1923 - now online. (From UNC-CH).

North Carolina Museum of History

A great day trip, that is centrally located in Raleigh. Study its web site as you plan your trip.

FRONTLINE - A Class Divided (Jane Elliott)



Environmental Educators of North Carolina

Learn about your environment. Unfortunately, this department may be eliminated in NC after adoption of the 2009 budget.

Orange-Chatham Group of the Sierra Club

A great way to get involved in local environmental issues. You do not have to be a member to participate in outings. See "outings" at bottom of page.

New Hope Audubon Society

New Hope Audubon Society (NHAS) is the chapter of the National Audubon Society that serves Orange, Durham, and Chatham counties in central North Carolina.

Chapel Hill Bird Club

"Founded in the 1930's, the CHBC now has about 150 members. It is currently the only bird club in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina..."

The Haw River Canoe and Kayak Company

Great day trips at various levels of experience. I made this trip with friends recently. It was amazing!

Duke Forest Trails

Great for doing a local hike. Go to "Location and Maps" link on the left, then click "downloadable maps."

Great Outdoor Provision Company, Chapel Hill, NC

One of the best Kayak Dealers in the area. They also have regular kayak demos on a lake in Raleigh. Try it out before you invest your money.

Walton's Mountain Museum - Schuyler, VA.

A really fun day trip. This is the boyhood home of Earl Hamner, the "real" John Boy from the Walton's TV show. Be sure to check times of operation. And, look for cast reunion day at the museum.

My Sister's Graduation Video (Link to Follow) (Low Resolution, compressed, version - see me if you want a copy of high resolution version). May 14, 2010, Greensboro, NC. Enjoy! You will have to turn up your speakers. Use external speakers or headphones; laptop internal speakers may not work well on this video.

RIGHT CLICK on the link above, then select "Save Target As" to download this video file.