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Mr. Parrish has taught history, government, law, and economics for the past 23 years. Mr. Parrish is also an original founder of the Middle College High program at Durham Technical Community College. Mr. Parrish is also certified to teach International Baccalaureate (IB) Theory of Knowledge and History of the Americas (History of all South American, Middle American, and North American countries.)

Mr. Parrish is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Undergraduate - History; Graduate - Education) and UNC Wilmington where he earned his Masters in Liberal Studies.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Parrish spent 20 years at Major Business Systems, Inc. in Hillsborough, NC (over 40 years combined work experience). At Major Business Systems, Inc., Mr. Parrish designed custom business forms and systems for corporations all over the world. While working at Major Business Systems, Inc., Mr. Parrish developed a keen interest in, and knowledge of, corporate organization and structure. CLICK HERE.

Mr. Parrish is a published author. He has written several books. And, the only one published, a recollection of Durham High School (current DSA), appears on the websites of all the major book chains. It is also being sold in local bookstores, on, and in the UK. Mr. Parrish has also given talks to local schools about his published book. And, he has taught Creative Writing for the Parks and Recreation Department at Chapel Hill, NC.

Mr. Parrish is an avid environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast; much of his free time is spent exploring lakes and rivers by kayak, and, he loves whitewater rafting. Also, in addition to his passion for history, Mr. Parrish enjoys the study of physics as a hobby. He is a member of the National Educator Association, the North Carolina Association of Educators, and the Durham Association of Educators. He is also a former member of the North Carolina Writer's Network and the North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club.


Mr. Parrish on the Nolichucky River, Tennessee, July 2018

Other duties of Mr. Parrish include the following:

Social Studies Teacher and Currently:

  • MCHS Debate Coach and National Forensic League Debate Judge.

  • MCHS Transportation Coordinator.

  • MCHS Technology Champion.

  • MCHS Social Studies Department Chair.

  • School NEA (National Educators Association) Representative.

Member (at the District Level):

  • Durham Public Schools Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Council.

  • A former member of the Durham Public School's Budget Committee.


Students: to be Successful, Plan on Doing the Following:

  • Avoid being absent from class. Attendance is important!

  • Always take notes in class. Write down everything that is said.

  • Have a "note-taking" partner who will take notes for you when you must be out.

  • Study your notes at home. Ask questions in class the next day about notes that don't make sense.

  • Read your textbook. Keep up with online syllabus textbook reading deadlines. Do not fall behind in your reading.

  • Take notes on your reading in a separate notebook. Outline the major points in your reading. Study these notes prior to a test.

  • As you read, fill in your Unit Assessment test study guide packet. Study this packet prior to taking a test. (The study guides are at the bottom of class web links).

  • Keep up with your assignment grade chart due dates. Do not turn work in late. If you are out, go online to see what is due. Everything is online. Print out worksheets from our web site. Do them and get them to me when you return from being absent.

  • Form small study groups outside of class to study for a test prior to a test. Help others who may struggle with this material. Remember that we are a team.

  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude at all times. Be a Morehead-Cain Scholar.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help.


Morehead-Cain Scholars Program. Our school is eligible to nominate two candidates each year. I want to see a Morehead-Cain Scholar come out of my classes this year - this is my goal and objective. To qualify, a student must show evidence of outstanding achievement in the following four criteria: Leadership, Scholarship, Physical Vigor, and Moral Force of Character (integrity above reproach, positive influence, both actively and passively, on his or her peer group). Source: The Morehead-Cain Scholars Program.

I have observed first-hand what this program can do for its recipients. The Morehead-Cain Scholarship provides a fully-funded four years at UNC-Chapel Hill - tuition, student fees, housing, meals, textbooks and a laptop, travel, school supplies and miscellaneous expenses are all paid by the scholarship. In addition, as a part of the scholarship program, recipients participate in fully funded four year summer enrichment travel abroad.