Mr. Parrish at Diamond Bar Ranch, California, Summer 2022

Name: Joseph C Parrish


UNC-W (MALS) Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.

UNC-CH (NC Teach Graduate Program) Major, Education.

UNC-CH (BA) Subject Major, American History.

International Baccalaureate Certificate - North and South American History -

Nashville, TN

Victoria, Canada

Certified in Personal Finance Literacy Instruction

Speech & Debate Coach and Judge

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Mini Biography:

Mr. Parrish has taught history, government, law and economics for 30 years. Mr. Parrish is also certified to teach International Baccalaureate (IB) Theory of Knowledge and History of the Americas (History of all South and North American countries.)

Mr. Parrish is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Undergraduate - American History; Graduate - Education) and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he earned his Masters degree in Liberal Studies.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Parrish spent 19 years at Major Business Systems, Inc. in Hillsborough, NC. Using Quark Express, Page Maker, and Adobe Illustrator, Mr. Parrish designed custom business forms and systems for corporations all over the world. While working at Major Business Systems, Inc., Mr. Parrish developed a keen interest in, and knowledge of, corporate organization and structure. CLICK HERE to see a 21 year old Mr. Parrish at Major Business Systems, Inc.

Mr. Parrish is a published author and has written several books. His only book published, a recollection of Durham High School (current Durham School of the Arts), appears on the websites of all the major book chains; it is also being sold in local bookstores, on, and in the UK. Mr. Parrish has also given talks to local schools in Durham about his book. And, he has taught creative writing for the Parks and Recreation department at Chapel Hill, NC. The University of North Carolina at Wilmington has also published the Masters thesis of Mr. Parrish, an analysis of how personality traits of teachers affects student learning. 

Mr. Parrish is an avid environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast; much of his free time is spent exploring lakes and rivers by kayak. And, Mr. Parrish loves whitewater rafting on the Nolichucky River in western North Carolina and Tennessee. In addition to his passion for history, Mr. Parrish enjoys the study of physics. He is a member of the National Educator Association, the North Carolina Association of Educators, and the Durham Association of Educators. He is also a former member of the North Carolina Writer's Network and the North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club. Mr. Parrish is a California native and enjoys visiting his original home in Diamond Bar, California. 

Mr. Parrish is also debate coach at Middle College High School at DTCC; he has coached and judged competitive high school speech and debate since 1997. He and his team have traveled all over North Carolina competing in all-day, Saturday debate tournaments. He is a life-member of the National Speech and Debate Association and considers Speech and Debate to be the best part of his job. Click Here to watch a Speech and Debate recruitment video (by National Speech and Debate Association). In addition, Mr. Parrish coaches the Ethics Bowl team at Middle College High School in collaboration with UNC-CH professors and students. Click Here  to see information regarding NC Ethics Bowl. 

As a teacher, Mr. Parrish emphasizes critical thinking, reading, and academic writing, and works hard to develop and teach engaging lessons that are current and pertinent to students. Mr. Parrish is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the humanities; he possesses a wide range of knowledge regarding history, government, law, economics, and literature and is excited to share that knowledge with his students. Mr. Parrish is also knowledgeable about the use of appropriate technology to engage students. 

Mr. Parrish constantly seeks to work cooperatively with colleagues within the district and state to develop and follow shared practices. Most of the professional development workshops that Mr. Parrish attends are hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill department of Humanities. 

Mr. Parrish considers it a pleasure to develop clear course objectives and to structure an environment conducive to learning. As always, he looks forward to another amazing year with his students!